Search and Letter Generation

We just released three meaningful features that I’d like to share with you

Searching by Student ID

When you are filtering a list of student transfers – incoming, outgoing, or internal – you can now search by Student ID.

Preventing Duplicate Requests

We noticed that there were quite a few duplicate requests coming in from parents for the same year. Now we check for duplicates for a given year. If the transfer request is in a state other than rejected, the duplicate transfer request will not be allowed and the parent will receive a message that their existing transfer request is under consideration.

Physical Letter Generation – No More Mail Merge

In similar fashion to email templates, you can now generate PDF files directly within K12 Transfers. The letters can be generated on demand and in batch for batch printing. This is a very big feature so you will want to read the following how to articles:

Letter Templates

Manually Generating a Letter

Configuring Letter Delivery

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