K12 Transfers

Make Student Transfers Between Districts Easy for Parents and CWA Staff

A Typically Manual Process

For most districts, inter-district transfers is a manual, paper based process. Parents complete the transfer request and take it to the district CWA office. CWA intake the information into a spreadsheet and compare it with the information in the district’s SIS. If the transfer is approved it is mailed or faxed to the neighbouring district. The neighbouring district evaluates the transfer request and notifies the parents. In addition to standard issues with manual data entry (duplication, lost requests, etc), the process is riddled with delays that cause numerous problems:

  • Parents cannot plan for next year
  • CWA staff cannot plan for students for next year and must handle additional call volume from understandably concerned parents
  • Sites cannot plan for additional students for next year

The New Automated Process with K12 Transfers

K12 Transfers connects neighbouring districts. Parents complete the transfer request once. If the district opts for SIS integration, data entry for parents and staff is minimal. Once parents complete the transfer, the district of residence is contacted and manages the request online. If approved, the requested district is contacted and processes the request. Once the incoming request is approved, the approved site can see the transfer details. No more emailing spreadsheets to sites!

  • Transfers are completed in minutes, not days or weeks
  • Parents receive notification at each step of the request, which increases parent satisfaction and lowers CWA support costs
  • Districts have realtime access to student transfer flow
  • Sites have on demand access to approved transfers

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Parents initiate transfer requests from the comfort of their homes on a computer or smart phone.

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CWA staff manage transfer requests from a simple dashboard.

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CWA staff quickly see the status of all transfer outgoing and incoming transfer requests.

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CWA staff see all transfer details including neighbouring district CWA staff responsible for processing requests.

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District has quick and easy summary “flow” view to see how sites will be affected by transfer requests

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Multiple fully customizable email templates (supports English and Spanish) that automatically notify parents and district staff about transfer request status.

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