We released two new features today: counselor requested transfers and site transfer management.

Counselor Requested Transfers

Sometimes counselors need to request and monitor transfers for students. This may be necessary for a few reasons including student safety. Whatever the reason, you can assign counselors a role within K12 Transfers and that allows them to request and monitor transfer requests. They cannot approve the transfer requests but they can monitor them so that they do not need to burden staff with transfers status updates.

Read about how to grant counselors access to K12 Transfers.

Site Transfer Management

Sometimes, you have sites within a district that operate mostly independently from the district. A common case might be a specialty or charter school. Normally, you would have to send a list of transfer requests to the school in an email/spreadsheet that the site would approve. Then you would update your master list with the approved transfers. Now, you can grant a site the ability to manage its own transfers directly within K12 Transfers. This allows the site to manage the transfers and for the district to monitor the transfers without resorting to email chains and spreadsheet lists.

Read about how to grant sites the ability to manage transfers.

Deleted SIS Absences Maintained in Attend

One challenge with our SIS integration occurred when an absence code was updated to a present code. The absence remained in Attend even though it was removed from the SIS. We recently made an update to address this issue. Even though the absence was removed from the SIS, we wanted to keep the record in Attend. To do this we introduced the notion of archiving an absence record. Now absences that get removed from the SIS can be seen in Attend (with a strikethrough) without affecting the absence records and rates.

Help Guidance and Support in Attend for Admins

We also just introduced built in help guidance and support in Attend. Now you can view help documentation directly in Attend. If you need help performing an activity you can click on the “Get Help” link to see a list of help documentation.

If you can’t find the solution you need, you can “Send a Message” and we’ll receive your support request. All of this can be completed directly in Attend.