Over the past week we made four updates to K12 Transfers that were made available this morning.

Updated Google Sign In

If you sign in with your district Google account, you’ll have one less click to do when you sign in. We updated the sign in process so that you only have to provide permission to your account once. On subsequent sign ins you’ll go directly to the application without having to click the “okay” button.

Transfer notification opt-out

When you apply for a transfer you now have the option of opting out of receiving email notification. The default is to receive notification but there are some cases where you don’t want notifications to be sent and so now you have that option.

Transfer submitted email template

You can now send a notification to parents when they submit a transfer request by creating a transfer submitted email template. This allows you to let parents know that their transfer request was received.

Hide Schools from Transfer Form

So that you don’t have to add schools manually, we pull school information from the California Department of Education site. The challenge with this is that not all schools in the state’s data are valid for a district at any given time. To help prevent transfer requests to sites that are not currently valid – for whatever reason – we now allow you to hide schools from the transfer form. To update, go into the schools section and update the site’s visibility.

Up Next

Over the next week or so we’ll be adding

  • admin view of inactive transfers
  • site access for approved transfers

as well as performing general system upgrades.

Since launching K12 Transfers last summer, parents have successfully completed 1,745 online inter district transfers between the Coachella Valley, Desert Sands, and Palm Springs Unified School Districts. In that year, we learned a lot and over the next few weeks we will be enhancing the application. Here are some of the features you will see shortly.

Additional Email Templates

We currently have five email templates that notify parents of their transfer request progress: outgoing transfer approved/rejected, incoming transfer approved/rejected, and transfer renewal required. We will be adding an additional template to let parents know that their initial transfer request has been received.

Email notification opt-out

Sometimes a district or parent wants to initiate a transfer request and does not want to receive email notifications. Transfer requests will include an email notification opt-out.

Site Visibility

K12 Transfers pulls district and school information from lists produced by the California Department of Education. Some of these schools may not be open for transfers into your district. We will be enabling administrators to show/hide schools on the transfer request form.

Site Access for Completed Transfers

Once an incoming transfer has been accepted school sites need to be notified. It is very common for CWA to email an Excel file to the sites with a list of accepted transfers. Rather than exporting to Excel and emailing the site, admins will be able to grant sites access to view approved transfers to their sites directly in K12 Transfers.

Improved Google and O365 Integration

Google and Microsoft have updated their authentication APIs and so we’ll be updating K12 Transfers to reflect these changes. This will improve the log in experience by eliminating a step.

These updates are based on feedback we receive from you so please keep sharing your feedback.