Let’s Work Together and Increase Student Attendance

Even low levels of chronic absenteeism has been shown to predict lower cognitive abilities for young students, failure in middle school, and lower performance in college. Chronic absenteeism disproportionately affects children in poverty, which deters socioeconomic advancement. It also has a significant affect on district budgets with many districts losing millions each year.

We know that the earlier we intervene the greater the chance of increasing attendance but due to the many causes and the sheer scale of the problem, districts often find themselves reacting to the problem. Alpenspruce Attendance Warrior serves to help districts manage this problem. Built in collaboration with districts and using the latest backend process and notification technologies, much of the day-to-day work of managing absences is automated allowing Child Welfare and Attendance departments to focus on getting kids back on track.

Quickly prioritize absences

Quickly identify and prioritize chronically absent and truant students using advanced filters and sorting. Student absence data delivered from your SIS into easy consume views.

View and take action

Quickly review the absentee history of a student and schedule interventions such as SART and SARB conferences. Information syncs with your student information system so you can focus on the student and not data entry.

Robust notification templates

Advanced letter templating system allows you to configure templates to automatically generate letters for all of your interventions including chronic absences, notification of truancy, SART conference, SARB conference, and DA mediation.

Customize your absentee process

Fully customizable intervention steps that allow meet or exceed state standards for chronic absenteeism.

Integrates with District G-Suite

Fully integrated with your district SIS and authenticates against your district G-Suite so no need for additional usernames and passwords.

If you would like to learn how Alpenspruce Attendance Warrior can improve attendance at your district, please fill out the form on the right and we’ll get back to you ASAP!